Thursday, June 28, 2012

VIDEO: Diamond Rings - "I'm Just Me"

Your favourite tall, skinny flamboyant dude is back with a new video and song! John O'Reagan aka Diamond Rings recently released a new video for his song "I'm Just Me". The song is the first single from Diamond Rings' upcoming album, which doesn't have a title or a release date yet, but at least we know that a new album is coming sooner rather than later.

This song marks a noticeable difference in sound for Diamond Rings. Whether you like it or not, the production quality has been greatly refined from the bedroom-type recordings that Diamond Rings offered up on his debut album Special Affections. This shouldn't be all that big of a surprise since Diamond Rings' new record was produced by Damian Taylor. It actually sounds like this new track might fit in alright in some kind of club setting. But, wherever it gets played, I'm sure it will induce many spontaneous dance parties.