Thursday, June 28, 2012


(Northern Exposure is a feature where Mark incessantly rambles about music from his home country of Canada.)

I’ve mostly stuck to some more well known bands in this feature so far, but I figured it was finally time to go for some deep cuts. So without further ado, it’s time to introduce you all to Cold Warps.

I have to admit that I was completely ignorant as to what this band had to offer about a month ago. But, since the release of their new 7” titled Slimer, I’ve since fallen in love with this four-piece outfit from Halifax/Ottawa.

Cold Warps released their first self-titled cassette tape back in 2009. Since, I’ve discovered Cold Warps I’m pretty sure that I haven’t found a better way to spend 10 minutes than listening to this tape. It basically encompases everythying that I love about music. It’s just plain and simple raw, energetic, and catchy as hell power pop. It actually reminds me a lot of Jay Reatard’s Blood Visions. It probably isn’t as visceral as Blood Visions, but I’d call this tape equally as catchy. Like I said, it’s only 10 minutes long and it’s available for free on their bandcamp, so you really have no excuse not to listen to it.

In 2010 Cold Warps released their second cassette tape titled Endless Bummer. Overall the sound of Endless Bummer was maybe a little less in your face than Cold Warps was, but it’s no less catchy. Again, this is only 12 minutes long and it’s free, so go ahead and listen your heart out.

Even though both these cassette tapes sold out within a year of being released, you can still get a physical copy of them. The tapes were released as an LP compilation on Noyes Records, who are an awesome label from Halifax. I’m really glad that these tracks got a release on vinyl because they definitely deserve it.

More recently Cold Warps released a new 7” titled Slimer was released on Fundog Records. The A-side”Slimer” and the B-side “Dream Creepin’” are two more solid catchy as hell tracks. I haven’t disliked anything that I’ve heard from Cold Warps and I don’t think I will in the future.

Although there aren’t many out, Cold Warps’ videos have become an iconic part of my YouTube watching diet. I think my favourite video is for their song “Stupid Tattoos”. It features the band getting... well... stupid tattoos. My favourite of which is a heart with the word “tattoo” inside of it. I’m not planning on getting a tattoo any time soon, but if I do that one is going to be on the top of my list for sure.

All things considered, Cold Warps aren’t reinventing anything with the music they make, but they do what they do amazingly well. The band describes themselves as “Joey Ramone beating Paul McCartney over the head with songs about science fiction, teenage apathy and summer love”. I guess that also means they make really to the point power pop music, which is just fine with me.

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