Thursday, July 26, 2012

TRACK: Mono - "Dream Odyssey"

I've made it a wee bit clear before that I really really really like Mono. Well the Japanese instrumental rock band gave us all a gift in the form of a new song from their upcoming double album For My Parents.

Some fans of the band's louder, more climactic pieces may be underwhelmed by this one, but I don't see any reason to, because this has just about everything I love about Mono. Somber piano parts, emotional dual guitar playing from Takaakira Goto and Yoda, subtle crescendos, and maybe the best thing this track has to offer, the gorgeous arrangements. Mono has worked with orchestras of some kind for their past two records, and on this one they will be joined by the Wordless Music Orchestra, who accompanied the band on a fantastic live album they released in 2010.

Revel in the beauty of this track below, and expect For My Parents on September 4th on good ol' Temporary Residence Ltd!

(Robby loves the Japanese post-rock, and is unashamed of it. Follow him on Twitter @ClydeNut for more music ramblings.)

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