Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TRACK: Tigercats - "Cats Run Free"

Isn't it remarkable when a band that you completely love releases a record that positively knocks your socks off and then proceed to immediately release even more fantastic material?  Well Tigercats, the London-based indie pop extraordinaires that brought you the magnificent Isle of Dogs, have done just that with their new song "Cats Run Free."

While the track's phenomenal sense of fun, stellar songwriting, and melodies that you'll be humming to your grave are to be expected from the project, two things really struck this humble music blogger about this new song.  First off, the confidence in which keyboardist/vocalist Laura K. sings on this song  is just terrific.  She was great on Isle of Dogs (especially on the closer "Jonny") but the sincerity in her delivery makes this my favorite vocal performance of hers.  Secondly, the snappy drums on this track work so perfectly for Tigercats.  They're like candy to the ears while providing the necessary energy to let the others members of the band shine.

You can purchase the double A-side single through the Fika Recordings website and while you're there, pick up Isle of Dogs if you haven't already.

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