Sunday, September 9, 2012

TRACK: Title Fight - "Head In The Ceiling Fan"

For some time now Kingston, Pennsylvania's Title Fight have been bringing us a passionate take on the sounds of melodic hardcore, and even some pop punk. But this band is really blindsiding me with "Head In The Ceiling Fan" from their new album Floral Green. While I definitely expect most of the record to retain the band's punk style that they paraded on 2011's Shed, this new track is a lush, heavenly, slow burner. It's reminding me alot of the brand of slowcore and dream pop that bands like Low and Galaxie 500 used to play so effectively.

The band emulates this style very lovingly, and it brings forth the kind of emotional experience of standing atop a mountain and gazing upon the beautiful landscapes around you. The song has a nostalgic beauty as well, perfectly complimented by its lo-fi, VHS filmed music video which you can find below.

I'm curious to see how this track fits in with Title Fight's new record, but for now I'm absolutely loving it. Floral Green is out on September 18th on SideOneDummy Records.

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