Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Track: Oh No! Yoko - Mimi Ashi

By Josh Custodio

The humans that make up the band Oh No! Yoko are obviously lighthearted dudes.  Their fantastic debut EP “PAU PAU” showcased this in full, sporting lyrics about friends dogs, shitty hometowns, and dead Egyptians. “Mimi Ashi” is the lead single from the forthcoming EP “Sorrow” and while would have fit in nicely on PAU PAU, there’s a couple big differences here. The band is less glossy on this track, the production scaled way back in comparison to older tracks like “90s Kids.” It’s recorded live off the floor, and harnesses their live sound better than previous tracks have.  There is no giant chorus here, replaced by instrumental hooks and distinct cadence delivered by vocalist Everett Morris. The math-y riffs and bizarre lyrics (she’s a Louis Vuitton) are still here, but there’s no question that the band is trying to mature on this track.

You can enjoy it here.

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