Sunday, October 7, 2012

WEEK IN REVIEW: October 7th, 2012

WEEK IN REVIEW is the only news post here on YOUR PERSONAL OPINION IS WRONG, It's designed as a mostly lighthearted way to find out what's happening in the world of music (and occasionally other things). It's specifically geared towards things I'm interested in, so don't use this as your only source of music news, if you're looking for a more comprehensive summary of recent events in the world of music I highly recommend you check out Consequence of Sound's news section. If you want to bitch talk about anything in this post feel free to mention me on twitter or send me an email.


*Someone should go through past iterations of this post and see how many of them included Death Grips because it's probably almost all of them. I'm definitely a huge Death Grips fan but including them in this post has never made more sense because so much happened this week. First off, someone hacked Death Grips' site  and found a new song called "True Vulture Bare". This new song was revealed to be a b-side from The Money Store and is all sorts of awesome.

*In other news in the world of Grip, they surprised everyone and released NO LOVE DEEP WEB on the internet for free on October 1st. The story goes that the label would not confirm a release date for the album until "sometime in 2013", so the band released it themselves for free without any permission to do so and therefore ignoring all legal ramifications. The album is still widely available for legal download so there's growing speculation that it might be all a huge marketing ploy, but the important thing is that the album is out and it's fucking amazing. I almost forgot to tell you the hairy and throbbing erect cock on the cover of the album.


*Late Night With Jimmy Fallon isn't my favorite late night talk show, but they really need to be commended to the fact that they book some amazing musical guests. This week it was Animal Collective performing "Rosie Oh" in a performance that I'm sure led to millions of Panda Bear fainting spells across the world. Keep him away from your daughters folks, he can get them pregnant using nothing but his sultry voice and a flutter of his spectacular bangs.


*The Dismemberment Plan has confirmed work on a 5th studio album, the first since 2001's Change. As the D-Plan are one of the most consistent bands of the last 20 years, this news was greeted with a good chunk of my feeble mind exploding. Let's just hope that this record is just a tiny bit better than Travis' solo release from 2004.


*Menomena put out a new video for Moms cut "Plumage" and it appears that someone gave them access to the wardrobe and prop house of a hollywood studio. This video was probably incredibly fun to make, but more importantly it features the dudes from the band wearing nothing but underwear in one scene... if that's your thing.

(sorry this post didn't happen last week, stuff came up)

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