Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TRACK: Iceage - "Coalition"

Iceage were really one of the darker punk bands to gain blog love in 2011; there are definitely more alienating bands out there, but their music was definitely only for those that loved grime, noise, and fire in their musical diets. But as New Brigade was one of my favorite breakout albums in 2011, I was happy that this little Danish band was getting so much attention so soon, and that attention was enough for them to get signed to Matador Records of all labels.

Iceage's Matador debut You're Nothing is set for release on February 19th, but we have a nice taster for it in the form of "Coalition". I won't lie that I was initially very slightly put off, or at least surprised, by how upbeat the track sounded. I could've sworn the band went in a pop punk direction with this song. But further listens give way to the layers of grimey textures this track has, and nevermind the fact that it's still given the same kind of characteristically rough recording you could find on most of the band's debut. Who knows if the rest of You're Nothing will continue in this relatively poppier direction, but for now it's a very interesting take on not only the genre but Iceage's established sound altogether.

Listen to "Coalition" yourself via the YouTube vid below.

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