Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TRACK: Atoms for Peace - "Judge Jury and Executioner"

The release of the long-awaited debut LP from Atoms for Peace, the project consisting of Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich, Flea, Joey Waronker, and Mauro Refosco, is approaching quickly, with its February 25 release date less than two months away. Titled Amok, the album will feature the single "Judge Jury and Executioner," for which you can watch a video below.

The sound of "Judge Jury and Executioner" is unlikely to come as a total shock to those familiar with Thom Yorke's body of work, both that of Radiohead and his solo record The Eraser, but it isn't quite a verbatim replica of any of his previous material either. Its fusion of electronic and acoustic instrumentation produces an appropriately detailed instrumental, with its time signature of 7/8 lending it a slightly disorienting feel. This instrumentation serves as a worthwhile foundation for Thom's haunting, eerie vocals, which hold a characteristically strong presence, a reminder that even if Atoms for Peace's music has yet to reveal a startlingly new angle to what Thom is capable of accomplishing, it has been rewarding nevertheless.

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