Tuesday, January 8, 2013

VIDEO: Touché Amoré - "Gravity Metaphorically"

Touché Amoré are one of the most prominent bands in the recent new wave of post-hardcore and screamo bands that have gained a big rise in popularity over the past couple years. Many of these bands have a more hard-hitting and hardcore-influenced style than alot of the post-hardcore you see at Hot Topic; these bands are clearly more indebted to Pg. 99, Orchid, and maybe even Converge, than they are to A Day to Remember. And let's be thankful for that.

Touché Amoré in question are proud locals of mine, and have put out two fantastic full lengths and are projecting to release a new one this year. But to hold their fans and I over they released a split 7" with another one of the biggest acts in underground screamo right now, Pianos Become the Teeth. Touché's side only features one track, but it is a long one for their standards. It's called "Gravity Metaphorically", and it's accompanied with a fantastic video directed by Max Moore who directed the equally fantastic video for Converge's "Aimless Arrow" last year. If this is a sign of the material to come on a new full-length, then Touché is definitely going for a darker and even more intense sound. But it's clear they're also experimenting with more varied song structures, and that definitely pertains to their growth as a band.

If you haven't listened to Touché Amoré, or are wondering where they're going to go next, definitely give this video a watch.

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