Friday, March 15, 2013

NORTHERN EXPOSURE: The Pink Stuff - The Pink Stuff Live

Northern Exposure is a (mostly) weekly feature where I (Mark) present you with something from the underground of Canadian music.

Pink is one of my favourite colours. You can call it effeminate if you want, but it’s a bad ass colour. So naturally when I saw a band named The Pink Stuff who had a bright pink toaster for an album cover I at least had to give them a listen. Turns out that beyond their blindingly pink bandcamp page, The Pink Stuff make some pretty good tunes. The Pink Stuff Live is actually a recording of six songs from The Pink Stuff’s first ever show. Considering that fact, it all sounds pretty good. It’s definitely a bit raw sounding, but what the hell do you expect from a recording of a band’s first ever show? Stylistically, the songs vary from sort of a catchy punk infused power-pop sound to some more psychedelic tracks. I think the highlight of this Live EP is the fifth track, “Big Jilm”. I love the repeated sudden outbursts of energy in that track, it’s probably the most punk that The Pink Stuff sounds throughout these six tracks. Their bandcamp page says these songs should be getting a proper EP release sometime in the future so I’ll be keeping my eye out for that, and you should too. This is a pay what you want download on their bandcamp, so go get it while it’s hot!

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