Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TRACK: Danny Brown - "Kush Coma"

One of the most eccentric emcees to blow up in 2011 was Detriot's own Danny Brown who, with his 2011 album XXX, left his mark on abstract, weirdo, slightly satirical hip-hop. The album was weird, funny, disturbing, horrifying, and in the end slightly tragic. But Danny has maintained his popularity since then while his fans wait on a new album which is tentatively entitled Old, and set for release this year. Danny finally gave the album's first drop, assuming it's going to be on Old, in the form of "Kush Coma". Just a look at that title gives you the sense that Danny hasn't quite given up drugs as a songwriting topic. But thankfully this track doesn't feel old at all, and Danny is smart to choose a beat that's abstract, unique, and sort of atmospheric from SKYWLKR, who produced a good deal of the joints on XXX. Danny keeps his odd persona, maintains a high standard for spitting, and stays just as entertaining as ever. In short, this track is a win, and has me even more ecstatic to hear what he has in store for the remainder of his new LP.

Stream "Kush Coma" below via SoundCloud.

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