Monday, April 22, 2013

HEAVY FRIENDS: Church of Misery - "Brother Bishop"

(Heavy Friends is the segment here on YPOIW where Robby talks about the latest and greatest in the worlds of underground metal and hardcore)

Church of Misery has been one of the most intriguing metal bands imported from Japan as far as I'm concerned. They are indebted to the traditional doom styles of Black Sabbath as well as newer, thicker variants of doom a la Electric Wizard; but most noteworthy of all to most people, this band is also indebted to basing every one of their pieces of music on the wicked deeds of a single serial killer. The first track to be dropped from their forthcoming LP Thy Kingdom Scum is dedicated to the antics of Gary Heidnik, who tortured and raped six women before he was sentenced to death in 1999.

While it's definitely cool that Church of Misery is keeping up with their unique, but often alienating concepts, the track itself is kind of middle of the road for the band. None of the riffs particularly stick out to me, and there's very little drive to this track until near the very end. I'm still very excited for Thy Kingdom Scum, due to be released May 27th in Europe through both Rise Above Records and June 11th in the US through Metal Blade Records, but I just hope the rest of the tracks pack a bit more punch than this one did. Check out the video for "Brother Bishop" below.

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  1. beginning of the song gave me a High on Fire vibe. I dig it, thanks for sharing.