Monday, May 20, 2013

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Speakers // Screens

I'm here today to tell you that YPOIW is no more and that you shouldn't be sad about it.

In late 2011, an idea was formulated from the community that inhabits The Needle Drop forums to start a blog together... This is what became Your Personal Opinion is Wrong. We're all proud of what we did here, but for whatever reason getting energized to create new content at this site has been a struggle throughout the past few months. To help rectify this increasingly dire situation, we considered two options: the first was to end the blog completely, and the other was to start a new blog. We're happy to announce today that we're going to continue the blog, but not with this name and not here.

This new blog will feature a different type of content than what we've done in the past, as well as continuing some of the regular features we've had here over the past two years. The biggest reason to do this now is that it gives us a new start to hopefully not repeat whatever mistakes we made, the most obvious one being naming the blog after an inside joke.

On this new blog we hope to cover music, film, video games, and television. The name Speakers // Screens accurately conveys that area of coverage much better than anything else with which we could have hoped to come up.

Being on Tumblr allows us the ability to craft a post on a whim, and this is a feature of which I intend on taking full advantage. In addition, you can expect to see a lot of features from YPOIW being brought over; these include Abandoned Theater, Northern Exposure, Frames Per Second, and Heavy Friends. We have a lot of new ideas too, none of which can unfortunately be revealed today since they're very much still in flux. What you can assume is that Speakers // Screens will have much more regular content than you would ever see here on YPOIW in 2013.

There will be no more posts here.