Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WRUB #8: Jack White Edition

This week Jack White pleased the masses by announcing his 7th solo album and first since 2007's Icky Thump. This time he's abandoned longtime terrible drummer and sex tape star Meg White in favor of not having any percussion of any kind on this new disc. Collaborators include: Insane Clown Posse, Rihanna, Kanye West, Wayne Coyne, Thom Yorke, Jesus, and Chocolate Rain Guy. His new album is entitled Blunderbuss and will be available for purchase in April.

What's everyone listening to?

Alexander Borg (@helloalexxander): Being tired of aggressive and experimental music for the time being, I listened to an absurd amount of twee pop this week. I also watched the Oscar-nominated Midnight in Paris, a compelling documentary on graphic design called Helvetica, and a high school neo-noir (that worked surprisingly well) called Brick.

Austin K. (@AustinKirley): For Austin, this week has been all about going through the Ghostly International catalog. This includes Tadd Mullinix, Dabrye, and Midwest Product. Also some Scott Walker, who is not on Ghostly.

Danny Spiteri: (@dannyspiterijr): This week, I listened to Daft Punk's Discovery for the first time in years (and wondered why I hadn't returned to it earlier), Neutral Milk Hotel's severely underrated On Avery Island, and The Fiery Furnaces' progressive pop opus Blueberry Boat.

Jack Hayter (@gonnahayt): Listening pleasures of the past week have consisted of early Sebadoh, How to Dress Well and The Love Below (causing much pining for new OutKast.)

Kyle Shoemaker (@_Shoey): Lots of Heems this week, early odds on favorite for Mixtape of the Year on my end. I also started re-watching The Wire, which is the greatest show of all time. I'm absolutely sure my life will become consumed with it once again, I'll see everyone in a month with the most rad neck beard ever.

Mark Gillis (@Mark__Gillis): This week I've been loving Kidstreet since I went to see them live, so much energy in their shows. Besides that I've been filling in my time with Ratatat and The Super Friendz.

Steve Jones (@vestenet): I've been enjoying long walks through the mountains and listening to fun weirdo synth music by Hans Edler and Takumi Iwasaki.

TTK (@TelepathicKid): I've been hooked on British comedy panel shows lately. QI, Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Would I Lie To You, etc. David Mitchell is my new god, and I think I'm in love with Frankie Boyle.

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