Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FEATURE: Hidden Gems – January 2012

Last year I always found myself looking towards sites like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, TinyMixTapes, etc. for the newer releases, but my new year’s resolution of sorts was to get more behind the underground unsigned stuff. Starting this January, I thought it’d be cool to write on what I’ve found. Unfortunately, this list is mostly electronic, but if I continue this in later months I’ll definitely try to expand in genres. Thanks for reading, and of course, if you like 'em, support the artist!

Black Jewsus – Black Jewsus

Take everything about the last 5 years in underground hip hop, and mash it together with a lo-fi aesthetic, and you’ve got Black Jewsus. Everything from swagged out weed rap, to dark eerie Odd Future-esque rap, and some weird strange places I’ve never heard hip hop go.

These two rappers (one of them also handles most of the production) together have made pretty ambitious record and one worth checking out.

Captain Gascid – Remember

When was the last time you’ve heard an acid techno album? It’s been a while for me, about mid 00’s or around then. I always thought it’d be great to have the genre revived which is why this album from Captain Gascid was such a breath of fresh air.

Gascid not only revives the genre but injects some originality into it. The album is full of ambitious sounds, ideas and twists and turns which are completely new for the genre. This solid release is sure to keep me coming back through out the year.

darkhalo – A Million Drops

This album is a fusion of nearly every electronic style that I love. It’s got ambient, minimal techno, deep house, dubstep, and even a little bit of drum ‘n’ bass. This album is boundary pushing, always trying something new with every song, yet it fits together so well.

Even if it was just boundary pushing, it’d still be great, but along with the genre leaping it also comes backed with fantastic melodies and fascinating compositions. The songs rise and fall, and have tremendous depth. Highly recommended.

Good Weather for An Airstrike – Underneath the Stars

A wonderfully beautiful record from this UK project, it’s a mix of ambient, neo-classical, and has a hint of post rock in there too. At times, it’s reminiscent of Stars of the Lid, other times it reminded me of Sigur Ros’ slower, more calming pieces.

A great record to listen to whether you’re sleeping or awake, definitely one to give a listen to if you’re into ambient.

Lodsb – Aero

If Autechre is the older brother, this is the demented twin you keep in the attic. This album takes electronic music, puts it into a blender and doesn’t care how it comes out. Nothing is off limits, at times there’s IDM, noise, breakcore, or just some weird hybrid of them all.

Tracks change gears at breakneck pace, one minute you’re tapping your foot to a rhythm, next you’re being assaulted with digital noise. Sometimes I find it hard to even hear any discernable rhythms amongst the chaos, but I guess that’s why I keep listening, just trying to organise this wonderful mess.

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