Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Favourite Hip Hop Samples Vol 4: Happy Birthday J Dilla

On this day in 1974 James Dewitt Yancey was brought in to the world. Here is a short tribute to one of the greatest producers to ever touch an MPC. 

Starting with some personal favourites from his production credits.

De La Soul - Stakes is High

SAMPLE SOURCE: Ahmad Jamal - Swahililand

It will change frequently but right now this is my number one. The loop just feels so majestic. It knows how good it is and it's flaunting itself amidst crispy snares and probably some of De La's most observational verses. 

The Pharcyde - Drop

SAMPLE SOURCE: Beastie Boys - The New Style 

If there's a dreamier Jay beat out there, I haven't heard it. The eccentrity of The Pharcyde is a perfect match. 

Mad Skillz - The Jam

Dorothy Ashby - Canto De Ossanha

Big L sound-alike Mad Skillz is a slightly lesser known collaborator but 'The Jam' and also 'It's Going Down' from the same album are worthy of sitting next to the more distinguished tracks in James' catalogue

The following tracks are taken from the renowned masterpiece 'Donuts' but you already knew that. 

J Dilla - Last Donut of the Night

SAMPLE SOURCE 1: The Moments - To You With Love

SAMPLE SOURCE 2: Gene Chandler - Rainbow '65

My favourite beat from Dilla is Last Donut of the Night from my all time favourite album, Donuts. That sample is so great it could have been looped for 3 minutes instead of 1 minute and 40 seconds. - TTK

J Dilla - Mash

SAMPLE SOURCE: Galt MacDermot - Golden Apple (Pt. 2)

SAMPLE SOURCE 2: Frank Zappa - Dance Contest 

Between the piano sample lifted from Galt MacDermot's "Golden Apple (Pt. 2)" and Frank Zappa's perfectly placed dialogue, "Mash" exhibits a masterful usage of sampling that in my opinion has been rivalled by very few pieces of music. - Danny

J Dilla - Waves 

SAMPLE SOURCE: 10cc - Johnny Don't Do It

My mind truly was blown when I first heard the original sample Dilla flipped for "Waves", 10cc's "Johnny Don't Do It". It's one thing for someone to be able to hear something so drastically different out of a sample, then another to understand exactly what they need to do to that sample to produce their desired result, and yet another for that result to be so damn affecting. - Danny

J Dilla - Donuts (Intro)

This track is probably my true favorite J Dilla beat. Dilla's sample of Motherlode's "When I Die" provides maximum emotional effect, and ultimately I couldn't imagine a better way to close Donuts. - Danny & Austin.


Finally, BBC Radio 1 did a fantastic documentary on the great man which I can heartily recommend listening to below. 

Happy Birthday and RIP x

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