Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HEAVY FRIENDS: Seven Sisters of Sleep - "Reaper Christ"

(Heavy Friends is the segment where Robby introduces you, yes YOU, to some brand spankin' new music in the worlds of metal, hardcore, and other forms of heavy music.)

Seven Sisters of Sleep are one of my favorite local bands; if you want a band with a very misanthropic, Eyehategod-ian take on sludge and doom metal, you better go to these cool cats. I've blogged about em before, and since that time they've announced a new record slated for 2013 release entitled Opium Mortals and have released a new track from it in the process. "Reaper Christ" has the band's usual heaviness but changes the tempo quite a bit throughout the track, bringing some nice variety. You can even catch some blast beats in the end, which are always cool. Hopefully the band brings the same level of awesome variety on Opium Mortals, which is going to be released on A389 records. Check out the track below

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