Monday, January 9, 2012

WRUB #5 - Sammy Hagar is Clinically Depressed Edition

This week marked the formal announcement of a new tour and album from the band Van Halen. This announcement was made on the summit of the highest peak in this world and made by an immortal dragon. Sammy Hagar meanwhile has announced that he's currently homeless and will be attempting suicide again sometime soon. David Lee Roth has announced that he'll quit Van Halen the moment afterwards as his entire passion of the project was quote: "To piss off Hagar".

What Are You Bumpin?

Austin K. (@AustinKirley)- This week has been all about IDM for me. I've been introducing myself to Aphex Twin (I know, I should have listened to him before), dissecting the Boards of Canada discography in a major way, and bobbing my head to the mysterious Evian Christ's instrumentals. 

Danny Spiteri (@dannyspiterijr) - This week I've been digging into Massive Attack's classic Mezzanine, revisiting some of Kanye West's better albums, and listening to the always great Boards of Canada in hopes that they release some new material soon. 

Jack Hayter (@gonnahayt) - Recently I've been rather addicted to The Weeknd 
and the release of Echoes of Silence most certainly added fuel to that. I 
then sprinkled in some Fleet Foxes and We Are Trees. 

Josh Custodio (@_allmyfriends) - This week has been about learning to love metal with Alcest, leading me to realize genres aren't as far apart as I thought. 

Kyle Shoemaker (@_Shoey) - What's music? I've been playing Skyrim side-quests until my eyes bleed. What is with Bethesda games and cannibalism anyway?

Steve Jones (@vestenet) - This week, I have been murdering bandits,
assassinating emperors, and slaying dragons to the gorgeous works of Mr.
Jeremy Soule.

TTK (@TelepathicKid) - Been listening to a winning combination of the 
consistently great Beck, the drum 'n' bass era of Aphex Twin, and The XX in preparation for their supposed new record to be dropped this year. 

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