Saturday, August 18, 2012

LIST: Kyle's UPDATED 2012 Wishlist Pt 1

Late last year I did a 2 part feature (here and here) regarding my most anticipated albums expected to come out sometime in 2012. In said feature I gave you fine people my most anticipated releases and gave a percentage chance of success for each release.

Turns out some of those albums are extremely unlikely to come out this year and that I simply couldn't be right at predicting the future no matter how hard I tried. Seeing as it's now August and we're officially in the last half of the year I think it's worth going back and revisiting my list and seeing what I got right wrong. This is the part where you call me an indulgent cocksucker and read a funny article on Cracked instead.


Titus Andronicus - Local Business
Back in December I was pumped up about simply knowing this album existed, but now that a firm release date and tracklist is out it now feels much more real. Titus Andronicus' last album The Monitor has grown on me considerably and I now consider it to be a near flawless album in a lot of ways. As such my expectations for this album is the highest it's been for any album in years and I'll be disappointed if it isn't a masterpiece. I can't say without a shadow of a doubt that Titus Andronicus is going to satiate my bloodthirst for amazing, but I do know at least that we'll be getting an energetic and ambitious punk album in October... and that's probably enough. Talk me off the ledge if this isn't my Album of the Year... I'll need it. -- 90% --


Death Grips - NO LOVE DEEP WEB
In part 1 I jokingly proclaimed that Death Grips' debut album would be fantastic and I placed the odds of that happening at 100%. Righteous indignance aside, I wasn't really so sure if Death Grips would continue to push their sound and even less sure that the project would have any real longevity because of Zach Hill's track record. By now we all know that The Money Store did come out and that it shattered expectations for what most of us thought Death Grips were feasibly capable of. Even stranger, the thing that's happened with Death Grips is that they've become a huge buzz-band on a major label... I think it's safe to say that we as a blog were ahead of the curve on that front.  

Along comes NO LOVE DEEP WEB and I don't know what to think... the band is saying that it's more industrial, cold, and abrasive while simultaneously saying that they want Crispin Glover to collaborate with them on a video. In short, I don't know what to think and that's exactly how Death Grips wants it. --- 80% --


The Music Tapes - Mary's Voice
I've been obsessed with a new Music Tapes album since seeing Julian Koster perform live when the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour ran through town back in 2011. I was always a huge fan of his music, but the talent he displayed that night was simply astounding. I watched in awe as he performed no less than half a dozen different instruments and told amazing and whimsical stories. I'm a huge fan of For Clouds and Tornadoes and I think it's probably the best album to come from the entire collective that isn't In the Aeroplane Over the Sea or Dusk at Cubist Castle. The Music Tapes, more so than any other band give me a real sense of place ... they make me feel like a kid going on adventures. Julian Koster is Peter Pan in ways that Michael Jackson could only dream of... he doesn't climb trees, the dude frees Reindeer. -- 85% --

check back for parts 2 and 3 soon.


  1. Clouds and Tomatoes?

  2. whoops, I've made that mistake before... thanks